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PRAG Luggage Body Glove

PRAG Luggage Body Glove

Luggage Glove has become the ‘must-have’ accessory for your travels. A South African invention and the world’s only original locking luggage cover, it will cover your upright spinner or trolley and lock shut.

No more plastic wrapping.

Luggage Body Glove

The Luggage Glove fits over your luggage with a sturdy, elastic 3-D Mesh material. Your suitcase is now instantly recognizable, protected from the mishaps of travel, safer from pilferage, and as a re-useable item, environmentally conscious instead of single-use plastic normally used at airports.

Luggage is generally produced in proportion so the Luggage Glove has 4 sizes (1 carry-on version and sizes S, M, and L for check-in) to fit almost any piece of upright wheeled luggage. An adjustable bottom strap tightens around your case to ensure a tight squeeze and there are additional optional security straps that can be used to increase the level of security even further.

Luggage Glove Sizing Recommendation

An accurate sizing chart can be found in the gallery of the product options but as a rule of thumb:

Cabin will fit 55cm suitcases

Small will fit smaller check-in cases ranging from 60cm to 67cm in suitcase height

Medium, the most common, will fit Medium check-in sizes ranging from 65cm to 75cm in height

Large fits the bigger check-in sizes ranging from 75cm + in height

Suitcase Body Glove
Suitcase Body Glove 2

Every traveler interested in protecting and securing your luggage should have one — especially if you are concerned about single-use plastic polluting our airports.

Lock. Protect. Recognise.

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