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Bestlife Oden X Anti Microbial Backpack Black


COVID-19 has changed travel and designers are changing along with the new normal. BestLife is a frontrunner with the development of OdenX – a laptop business backpack with anti-microbial materials.

A positive charge silver-ion in the polyester lining results in a claimed 99.9% elimination of known germs. For the COVID-travel conscious, this may be an essential feature for your commute.

A lovely touch is an integrated retractable charging station. On the inside, this unit connects to your power bank (not included) and there are 3 output connectors including Lighting, Type-C, and micro-USB. Your charging cable is retracted back by spring when not in use.

The exterior houses 3 zipper compartments with inner padding to prevent knocks and bumps. The central vertical zipper also includes reflective trim for night and bicycle movements.

On the back section, a zipper pouch takes flat items such as passports or wallets with increased security.

The interior of the laptop backpack is all about an organisation with padded sleeves for a 15″ laptop and tablet. Optional BestLife OdenX utility packs can be purchased to fit perfectly inside and optimize your packing even further.

The OdenX range also includes a snazzy UV-light sanitizing pouch. Connect up to your retractable charge port and you can sanitize concerning products or small items for a suitable time. Check out these options as part of the OdenX range.

Besides being a well-organized and comfortable backpack, the unique selling feature of an anti-microbial material and the versatile charging adds an extra edge to purchase decisions before other suppliers catch up!

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 19 cm